Reflections on NFL, ESPN,, ShoeBuy, and the New York Giants

There’s nothing that defines and sets Americans apart from the rest of the world like the NFL (although that’s arguable). And as the summer goes down, it ushers in another five months of adrenaline-filled, spirited and exciting football action. Although this coincides with the start of the Premier League English soccer season, many people in the US are going to miss going to church on Sundays, not because of Manchester United and Chelsea FC, but because they are either Patriots or 49ners.

Nonetheless, even as you discard other duties in favor of the football debacle, bear in mind that the average ESPN NFL broadcast is rumored to be just 11 minutes of play and more than 90 minutes of commercials—think about that. However, we both know that commercials are what make the countdown to Superbowl bearable. Otherwise NFL would be more of a simulated tense computer game, than a valuable Sunday event or a get-together with your boys.

In Love with American Football

I fell in love with American Football a little more than 15 years ago. If I can remember correctly, my earliest recollection of this exciting fiasco was the January 2000, St. Louis Ram Vs. Tennessee Titans, Superbowl XXXIV match.

What makes it especially memorable was how the Titans, who were down 16-0 by the third quarter, managed a fueled comeback led by their QuaterBack Steve McNair to level the game at 16-16 in under 10 minutes. Actually, the Titans would have walked away with the title that afternoon, had it not been for St Louis Ram’s LeftBack, Mike Jones historical tackle which came just at the nick of time. In fact, the advancing Titan (Kevin Dyson) was just a yard from Ram’s end zone when Mike knocked him down. I remember how my dad (a Ram’s diehard fanatic) howled with zeal and euphoria as the realization that Jones’ tackle has literally saved the title.

Since then, football took over my life. I even used to finish my homework on Saturdays so that I could join my dad and his fellow NFL junkies on Sunday in front of our tiny TV. I enjoyed listening to them as they argued over every decision that their favorite teams made. For instance, when the New York Giants decided to attempt a two-point conversion instead of simply going for usual extra point when playing against the Patriots in ’06, my dad almost smashed his beer can on the TV’s screen with disgust mixed with disappointment. Then, I was either too young or too inexperienced to know exactly why he was so pissed off. Until I became a Giant’s fan.

When it comes to the solid performance peppered with agility and sportsmanship, none does it better than the Giants. The trio led by Eric Manning, Jason Pierre-Paul and backed up by Landon Collins is one of the best I have seen encountered since I learned a thing or two about NFL. Landon actually reminds me of former Denver Bronco’s linebacker, the legendary Tom Jackson. That also explains why at the start of every season I have to buy a new Giant’s jersey from or Shoebuy, just for the sake of solidarity—even if the title has been elusive lately. Let me leave at that because I know some of my New England Patriots rivals are already seething with rage. and Shoebuy

Speaking of NFL jersey’s, back in ’09 when I was in young and broke in campus, (am still young, though FYI) a good drinking buddy introduced me to the and online shopping portals. In those days, it was stylish or trendy to be seen with an NFL jersey on Sundays especially during an important duel. Now, since I couldn’t afford an original Giants jersey from ordinary brick and mortar stores and still manage a few beers in the course of the semester, I used to scour for coupons for and redeem them for a sizable discount. Shoebuy, too, had 25 off discount deals back in those days. Even nowadays, despite having risen and moved up the earnings ladder, I still order a good number of my NFL gear from them. And Shoebuy still has these great discount coupons, which I find easily on Google when searching for the term shoebuy coupon 25 off. I’m yet to come across another option that could replicate the convenience of shopping online coupled with great prices as well as they do. Let me give you the latest coupons and Shoebuy promotion codes: Coupon Codes

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I’m an Avid Follower of ESPN

Unlike the average NFL fan, who watches the game on Sunday and has no recollection of it by Tuesday, I’m an avid follower of ESPN’s commentary post match analysis. You see, the thing with NFL games is that you never really know whether your team did the best to save your glum face until you hear an expert’s take, especially after a dismal performance. There was once when the Giants lost a qualifying match to the 49ners, and I was inconsolable for the next few days until I stumbled upon Ron Jaworski’s post match analysis on ESPN The Weekend. Had it not been for his comforting remarks as he analyzed the game with Keyshawn Johnson, I would have ditched the Giants years ago.

Since then, I have cultivated a culture of tuning in to Chris Mortensen’s NFL analysis on ESPN radio whenever I miss Ron’s show. On Twitter, I am a follower of Adam Schefter’s tweets. Speaking of which I was recently taken aback by the rumor that was circulating a few days ago that ESPN had fired him accidentally. But even then, I knew that Cris Carter, with his satirical humor, (like when took a toll on NFL Rookies last year) would fill his shoes comfortably. Actually, one of my favorite episodes of ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown was when Cris Carter, a former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver fired shots at fellow analyst Merril Hoge ( played for Chicago Bears ) ridiculing his 1994 failed tackle in one of their NFL preseason games. However, Merril defended himself by confessing that he was trying to imitate the legendary Mike Ditka’s tackle of 1978, which, of course, he failed miserably at.

A New Passion

As much as I know that the upcoming NFL season will claim over 80% of my ESPN TV’s airtime, this time around I will also dedicate some time for my newly found passion- Basketball. The good thing is that ESPN already has a dedicated NBA website where new enthusiasts like me can catch the latest happenings in this complex game- I’m yet to master my way around basketball rigmarole.

Finally, to all my Patriot rivals, hold your horses and let’s meet on November 15th in New Jersey’s Metlife Stadium. Peace.