New Season, New Managers: Who Goes and Who Remains

As the 2015 MLB Season comes to an end, Matt Williams among other MLB managers should be dusting his resume. This comes as a list of skippers who either guided clubs that lost in the better part of 2015 or were interim managers who failed in proving themselves worthy of the job gets released.

One thing that is mutual about all the managers in the list is that their respective clubs have been spiraling down the standings table. However, the man whose club holds the top position in the standings has a chance of winning back his spot.

As much as I love Brad Ausmus, he and other managers may not be back for the 2016 season. Want to know who may be retaining their spot? Read on.

Pat Murphy

The San Diego Padres have won 9 of the last 11 contests they have taken part in. This is despite the fact that they have performed poorly for the better part of the 2015 MLB season under Pat Murphy. When Murphy was awarded the spot of interim manager in June, the club held a 32-34 record. Now they are sporting at 61-62. I doubt this will earn him a spot as the permanent manager but don’t you think his last performance makes him shine?

Dan Jennings and Don Mattingly

These two haven’t found much success in the ending season and chances are that their jobs are trending waters. Dan Jennings of Miami Marlins took the reins of the club in mid-May when the club was sporting at 16-22. Today, Miami Marlins sport at 50-73 and the third worst record in Baseball. Don Mattingly of LA Dodgers may end up losing his job as the Dodgers sink after the season thanks to the consistently poor performance.

Brad Ausmus, Detroit Tigers

Brad Ausmus of Detroit Tigers knows he cannot go anywhere between now and when the season ends as Al Avila, the general manager, assured us. The odds are against him; first because Detroit Tigers have consistently been poor in 2015 and second Avila may need to have fresh blood for 2016 given that he is not the one who hired Ausmus. I have been disappointed in Ausmus but every time I watch the Tigers play, I see some potential.

Pete Mackanin is one of the three interim managers I have admired. His win-loss record should definitely be his ticket to be on the 2016 season managerial spot. However, Andy MacPhil, the current president of the club, may come with his own management and my lovely Mackanin may be kicked out. The Seattle Mariners, managed by Lloyd McLendon are moving away from first place by day. That is bad news for the manager. McLendon and Zduriencik have made a losing pair, as we have witnessed since 2008. If Zduriencik gets a boot, then chances are that McLendon goes with him.

Robin Ventura of Chicago

White Sox has acted quite impressive for the last three seasons; second place in 2012, fifth and then fourth. He agrees however that this season has been disappointing. Now his case rests with the president of the club. Bryan Price and Matt Williams Just look at the standings and tell me why these two should be spared. Throughout the 2015 MLB season, the Cincinnati Reds and the Washington Nationals have been a disappointment.

Well, it is not for me to judge but for the clubs’ presidents. Wait and see how your team wallows through this road trip.