Cloud Hosting Versus Traditional Hosting

If you read an article about web hosting recently, I am sure you came across the term “Cloud Hosting“. In fact, if you recently purchased hosting from a hosting provider, chances are they gave you the option of Cloud hosting. Perhaps you have heard other similar terms as well, like Cloud Accounting, Cloud Computing, etc.

How is Cloud Hosting Different from Traditional hosting?

Well, I am sure you are familiar with regular hosting, where you provide a website to a hosting company and they host that site in their servers for you so that it is available to your customers online. How is Cloud hosting different?

Well, in traditional hosting your website is hosted on a single server on the Internet. That means, your website and lots of other people’s websites are all sitting on one physical computer on the Internet.

  • Why is that good? Well, the benefit of sharing server resources with other sites is that the cost of the service provided to you is reduced because lots of people are sharing the expense of this resource.
  • Why is this bad? The downside of shared hosting is that if another person who is sharing the resources with you happens to have a wildly popular website, the performance of the overall server can degrade affecting your website as well.

So,  how does Cloud hosting resolve this situation?

Well, in Cloud hosting your website is NOT hosted in a single server, along with a lot of other people’s websites. Instead, your website, and all other customers of that particular web hosting company, are hosted on multiple different servers at the same time. So, there may be 20 different servers (physical computers) and on EACH of these web servers ALL websites hosted by this company are available.

Effectively, what that means is that there is a greater degree of scalability, robustness and reliability for your website when it’s hosted on a Cloud infrastructure as opposed to a Traditional infrastructure.

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