Biography of Football Player Tom Jackson

Born on April 4, 1951 in Cleveland Ohio, Tom Jackson has been a sports analyst with ESPN since 1987, and is now a retired linebacker for Denver Broncos. Here is Tom Jackson’s biography:

Education and Playing Career

Jackson began playing baseball at the John Adams high school in Cleveland, Ohio where he studied. While at the institution, Jackson was not only a baseball player but also a great wrestler. In addition, the former baseball player was also a great footballer where he played as a star defensive back. Jackson supported Cleveland Browns and used to attend a number of their games in the company of his father. According to Thomas, he owes credit to his wrestling coach, John Bianch for making him a tough player. His mother passed on when he was still very young. Despite dreaming to join Ohio State for his college education, the Buckeyes never showed much interest in him because of his small body. This made him to enroll at the University of Louisville after Lee Corso, who is also currently working as a college football analyst accepted to have him in his team. Jackson played football for the University of Louisville from the year 1970-1972 during which he crowned as the best player during Missouri conference for two times. While holding the linebacker position, he led Cardinals in making several records.


Jackson joined Denver Broncos during the fourth round of NFL draft in the year 1973. He worked with Denver Broncos for a period of 14 years. It was during this time that he won the Pro bowl selection for three times as well as four times for the All Pro selection. Furthermore, he won the award of the most inspirational player for six times by winning the hearts of his team members. He also led the team during the Super bowl XII as well as the Super bowl XXI Championships. This made him to join the list of four players who had played for Broncos in the two championships despite the second event having taken place nine years later. He ended his career after making 20 interceptions that he had returned in 340 yards as well as three touchdowns.

Broadcasting Career

Jackson joined ESPN studios in the year 1987. During that time, the former baseball player teamed up with an analyst, Chris Berman on two NFL shows namely NFL Primetime and NFL countdown. In the ESPN preseason, Jackson hosted Broncos beat aired on KCNC TV, Denver Colorado and another post game show that was live on KUSA TV. In 1995, he appeared on the Sliders, an American television series as a football commentator. In 2015 he won the Pete Roselle award for his exceptional contribution to radio and television in profesional football.

Until today, Tom gets excited as he did when he was a kid, when a new NFL season starts. “The hair stands on the back on my neck” says the former football player and current analyst, and continues: “Every time we get ready to start a new season I get just as much as excited as I did when I was a kid. I just feel blessed to be able to be a part of it”.

Marriage and Family

Jackson lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his lovely spouse Jenifer who is a former flight attendant. Jackson and Jenifer met in 1990 in Hawaii during the Pro Bowl. Together, the couple has two beautiful daughters Morgan and Taylor. Jackson also had a child with Andrea Jackson but she died in 1997 after being involved in a grisly road accident. Previously, Jackson married Diana Maria Hill but they divorced without any child from the same relationship.