Hey, my name is Mattias Shelton. I live in El Paso, Texas. I’m the founder of this site and have been in charge of it for more than a decade now.  This site is an expression of two interests I have:

Since high school, I’ve been a huge fan of sports, especially basketball and football, following each and every game of the NBA and NFL, which makes it easy to understand why I really opted for a sports site. Ever since I can remember myself, I liked watching sports on TV. Later, at middle school I realized I had a talent to report on sports news. My friends would come to me to learn the latest on NFL and NBA.

So, at some point I decided to follow my passion on sports news analysis and reporting, and this led me to create this website. Just like anything worthwhile out there, running a website was never easy at first. Yes, my aptitude for reporting sports news was paramount, but being a site manager calls for more than just that. I had to find balance between my studies and watching ESPN for updates. But since I made this my full-time job, nothing has ever been easier. I can now spend all my time doing what I love doing most: keeping you informed on the latest sports news, transfer rumor, stat and opinion on every sports action on and off the pitch, ranging from European soccer to NBA, MLS and NFL.

My objective is to ensure you find everything you need under one roof, so you don’t keep switching sites for extra info on one or two things. I’m always working to ensure the pages and articles on this website are as reader-friendly as possible. Actually, there are fields for contributions and opinions at the end of every article, where you can leave your outlook on the page, and tell me where it’s lacking and how you would like the next article, and such. You can as well send in your articles on anything regarding any of the sports mentioned, which includes opinions on league campaigns, squads, predictions and team comparisons, and you could surely have people reading your article on their number one site.

My aspiration is that this site will inform you on the latest sports news (NFL, NBA, soccer, MLB), while at the same time encourage discussions. I want my readers to have their voice too, so, again, feel free to comment on my articles, or even send me your articles with discussions, comparison, rankings, predictions, your favorite team, etc.

I’m glad you visited my site and I’m hoping you found a reason to keep coming back. Feel free to send in your suggestions whenever you feel something is amiss or wrong so that together we can improve the website. Thank you.